Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


We are currently finishing up the last our units. We were put at a stand-still due to the 5th grade musical and spatial issues!


All students, who turned in a basketball form, were registered into the system. Once, I have more details, I will post more information!



** I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving- there is so much to be grateful for!


End of 1st Quarter

Classroom Info: 

Quarter 1 is done and I couldn’t be more impressed by the work of my students. I am looking forward to quarter 2.

K-1: Continuing jump rope for one more cycle

2: Finishing up our transdisciplinary unit (Dance, Art, PE)

3-5: Continuing volleyball for three more cycles



All students interested in playing basketball in the winter sports season, please come get a registration form. Most students should already have one. All contents of the packets are due to me by November 16th.

Week 7

Classroom Info:

We have started new unit this past cycle.

K-1: Jump Roping

We are working on sequencing locomotor and non-locomotor movements. Additionally, balance and rhythm play a major role in jump roping.

2: Dance & Art in PE

Students learned different ballet positions in dance. Then, created their own Keith Haring inspired art in visual art class. Now, they are taking their movements and sequencing them into a movement routine to create their own art in PE.

4-5: Volleyball

We are beginning the fundamentals of volleyball; bump, set, and serve.


Athletics- Cross Country:

For those, who qualified, the city meet is Saturday, October 29th at Washington Park. All students are asked to be there by 9:45am.

**Our end of the year party will be on Tuesday, November 1st from 4-5pm in room 331.


Week 5

Classroom Info:

In grades K-2, we have just finished our locomotor movement unit. Students learned, discussed, and applied the following skills to activities and games; skipping, galloping, hopping, jumping, and leaping. We ended our unit with a nonlocomotor stretching activity. Students stretched a specific muscle group, we discussed where they felt the stretch, identified it on our “muscle man”, and colored the area.

In grades 3rd-5th, we are finishing our Fitness testing for the BOY Fitness Assessments. Students have completed the pacer, push ups, curl ups, sit & reach, and the one mile run. All of the data gathered will be put into IMPACT- CIM, so we can see trends and progress in data.


Today, October 13th, is the Cross Country team’s second meet. It is an invitational at Horner Park beginning at 4:30pm.

Week 3


Last cycle:

In grades K-2, we focused on the difference between a hop, jump, and leap. The distinguishing factors between each movement were discussed in class. After our discussion, we played a game called “lava leap”. Students apply their hopping, jumping, and leaping skills to get across the gym floor using polyspots.


image1 (5).JPG


image2 (5).JPG



In grades 3-5, we completed the one mile run. Learning to pace ourselves for cardiovascular endurance activities is going to be the biggest challenge this school year. We discussed maintaining a pace we could run for 20 minutes straight without walking. Our fastest mile time during this round of FitnessGram assessments was 7:15.


Please bring a “Fit with Family” picture for our wall! I would love to get as many as possible.


*I am sure this will need to be updated at some point.

Sport Date Time Location
Boys & Girls Cross Country Saturday, October 1st 8:00am Winnemac Park
Girls Volleyball Tuesday, October 4th 4:30pm Coonley
Boys Soccer Wednesday, October 5th 4:30pm Waters
Co-Ed Flag Football Wednesday, October 5th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. West Ridge)
Girls Volleyball Thursday, October 6th 4:30pm Kilmer
Boys Soccer Friday, October 7th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. Rogers)
Girls Volleyball Tuesday, October 11th 4:30pm Boone
Boys Soccer Wednesday, October 12th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. McPherson)
Co-Ed Flag Football Wednesday, October 12th 4:30pm Courtenay
Boys & Girls Cross Country Thursday, October 13th 4:30pm Horner Park
Girls Volleyball Thursday, October 13th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. Armstrong)
Boys Soccer Friday, October 14th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. Waters)
Co-Ed Flag Football Monday, October 17th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. TBA)
Girls Volleyball Tuesday, October 18th 4:30pm Courtenay
Boys Soccer Wednesday, October 19th 4:30pm Rogers
Boys & Girls Cross Country Thursday, October 20th 4:30pm Horner Park
Girls Volleyball Thursday, October 20th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. Coonley)
Boys Soccer Friday, October 21st 4:30pm McPherson
Co-Ed Flag Football Monday, October 24th 4:30pm Jordan
Girls Volleyball Tuesday, October 25th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. Kilmer)
Co-Ed Flag Football Wednesday, October 26th 4:30pm Disney
Girls Volleyball Thursday, October 27th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. Boone)
Co-Ed Flag Football Monday, October 31th 4:30pm Peirce (vs. Brenneman)
Girls Volleyball Tuesday, November 1st 4:30pm Armstrong
Girls Volleyball Thursday, November 3rd 4:30pm Peirce (vs. Courtenay)

Week 2

Happy Monday!


In grades K-2, we are focusing the differences between a gallop and a skip. This was especially challenging because students were encouraged to explain verbally instead of “showing me”. After our discussion, demonstration, and review, we play several different skipping and galloping games. These skills are extremely important as they are the foundation for sequencing movements involved in sports.

In grades 3-5, we created our “Sportfolio” covers in the beginning of class. After we had a class discussion and filled out a chart around the 5 components of fitness. We will be beginning fitness testing next week, so this was a good way to show “why?” we need to fitness test.


Please bring a “Fit with Family” picture for our wall! I would love to get as many as possible.


Tryouts are beginning this week.

Grade Level/Sport Date: Time: Location:
5/6 & 7/8 Boys Soccer Monday, September 19th 3:00- 4:00 Turf
5/6 & 7/8 Girls Volleyball Tuesday, September 20th 3:00- 4:00 Multipurpose Room
6/7/8 Co-Ed Flag Football Tuesday, September 20th 3:00- 4:00 Turf
5/6 & 7/8 Boys & Girls

Cross Country

Tuesday, September 20th 3:00- 4:00 Gym

Any questions, please feel free to email me at llevar@cps.edu


Week 1

It was so nice to see all of my kiddos this week. I am looking forward to seeing the remainder of my students on Monday!

All grade levels:

  • Please remember to wear gym shoes! No sandals!
  • Bring in a picture of your family exercising or participating in a physical activity for “Fit with Family wall”! It does NOT need to be your entire family.

3rd-5th grade:

  • Please remember to bring a folder to class. We are going to begin making our “Sportfolio” next week.